Our ONE ONE motorcycle chain oiler principal is simple, you determine when and how much chain oil you apply and even what oil you use.

The ONE ONE name simply represents one application pump to provide one milliliter of oil volume. When the delivery stroke of the plunger is complete, no oil can enter the system, each application is consistent, – it does not drip.

No more frustrating leaks and messy drips on the garage floor, hotel parking areas, your motorcycle and even your riding gear (pillion friends included).

This custom designed easy to install kit is designed to provide dependable trouble-free service for the life of your motorcycle. The ONE ONE oiler is made with high quality aluminum and stainless-steel components. The delivery hoses, fittings and the hardness treated clear plastic reservoir are made of carefully selected quality materials.

A friendly note from the ONE ONE chain oiler designer and engineers; My name is Daniel Herger, along with my business partner Michael, our principal engineering experience is with high technology research, designing, testing and manufacturing of high pressure water jet cutting components at HRV-Engineering GmbH. We are located in Altdorf, Switzerland.

We are motorcycle enthusiasts and have developed the ONE ONE Chain Oiler System for like-minded enthusiasts. This user friendly chain oiler system is ideal for the every day commuter and a must have accessory for long distance adventure riders.

Wishing you many miles of safe and trouble-free adventures,

Daniel, Michael, and Dave

Please contact us at:

HRV-Engineering GmbH,

Daniel Herger

Industrialzone Schaechenwald,

6460 Altdorf, Switzerland

Email:  Info@hrv-engineering.ch

Phone: +41 41 871 37 82

Our Canadian Contact is:

Backroads Adventures B.C. Inc.

Dave Martindale

2219 Michel Road                                

Cranbrook, BC  Canada  V1C 6W5

1 250 426-2554-Please leave message.

Email: dave@backroadsadventures.ca

More information coming soon to this site.